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12 Steps

Step 1

We acknowledge we are powerful beyond our beliefs and decide to live a simple life.


Spiritual & Astrological Information

This first step allows us to explore the beliefs we have taken on that tell us we are not enough. We do not see ourselves as the divine beings we are.  By working through this step, we connect with our divine self and begin to look at how simply we can live by expressing our divinity in the world.

Angel: Metatron

(once human man named Elijah and twin of Sandalphon)

  • personal power

  • children

  • inner child work

  • children issues

  • owning one's power

  • truth

  • sacred geometry and patterns of life


Zodiac Sign: Pisces


This is a water sign that represents our connection to the Divine in ourselves and others.  Extremely sensitive and compassionate, holding an energy that sees all as connected to the Divine.  Read more...


Stone:  Amethyst

Oils:  Tangerine

Visual Aide For Meditation:

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 3.52.08 PM_edi
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